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Sacramento Compliance And Fiduciary Duty Lawyer

Like all licensed professionals, real estate brokers in California must adhere to a standard of honesty and fair dealing or a broker’s fiduciary duty. If a broker does not fulfill their fiduciary duty or is negligent, resulting in financial loss to a buyer or seller, a claim for breach of fiduciary duty may be brought.

At Reveille Law, P.C., our Sacramento attorneys represent both brokers accused of breach of fiduciary duty and clients who are pursuing claims against brokers. Our founding attorney’s vast experience in litigation and real estate legal matters allows us to help you reach a fair resolution to your dispute.

When A Duty Is Breached

A real estate broker acts as a link that brings buyers and sellers of property together. However, sometimes this relationship faces difficulties that cannot be resolved on your own. Disputes can occur at any part of the real estate process.

Reveille Law, P.C., can help buyers, sellers and brokers with a variety of contractual issues, including:

  • Breach of the broker listing agreement
  • Breach of sales or lease contracts
  • Buyer or seller complaints
  • Disputed listing and finder’s fee agreements
  • Fraud and fraudulent dealings

A breach of a real estate broker’s fiduciary duty to their client can occur when the broker acts in a way that benefits themselves instead of in their client’s best interest. This can happen in many ways but is often seen when the broker fails to advise the seller of other offers or tells the buyer about material defects to the property, resulting in a financial loss.

Reducing The Impact Of A Breach Or Accusation

Each breach of duty can have a sizeable financial impact and can cause damage to the buyer, seller and broker. If you have been the victim of real estate fraud or your reputation is on the line with an accusation, Reveille Law, P.C., can help you pursue or defend against a claim. Contact us now for a consultation at 916-975-0013 or reach out online.