Proven Trial Litigation. Cost-Effective Representation. Cutting-Edge Legal Solutions.

Cutting-Edge Legal Solutions.

A Small Practice With Big-Firm Experience

At Reveille Law, P.C., we make our mark on the legal system by setting precedents and helping our clients find justice and peace of mind. Our Sacramento law firm’s founding attorney learned how to litigate during his time at the attorney general’s office, and he has experience working at big law firms and litigating high-stakes federal cases, constitutional cases and cases involving billions of dollars in assets throughout Northern California.

We pride ourselves on operating as a small law office, which allows us to commit our time to providing meticulous and creative representation to all our clients. We use a variety of resources, including the latest software and technologies, to present the most compelling case and minimize your costs.

We take our big-firm experience and firsthand knowledge and apply it to every case we see at Reveille Law, P.C. When you need an ally in the courtroom, you can count on us to stand by your side.

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An Evidence-Based Approach To Litigation

Our approach to legal representation allows us to focus on each client, delivering cost-effective legal services with a proven track record in the courtroom. We are a technology-oriented law firm, and we try to set up automatic processes that save you time and money throughout your case. Using the best software and constantly evolving to employ new tools, we can use our resources more effectively.

We start examining the evidence in your case immediately. We believe in the importance of starting from the beginning with thorough evidence to prove your case. Whenever possible, we do our best to avoid costly and lengthy court cases and find other solutions to your issue, such as moving for summary judgment or getting your opponent to drop the case.

With a broad spectrum of experience in various civil law matters, including business law, bankruptcy and real estate law, Reveille Law, P.C., is prepared to help you with your legal needs in Northern California.

We Can Support You

Don’t wait to get started on your case. We have the experience to help you using creative solutions and tech-oriented approaches. Contact Reveille Law, P.C., at 916-975-0013 or online to schedule a consultation.

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