Cutting-Edge Legal Solutions

Reveille Law, P.C., offers creative legal solutions in business law, real estate litigation, bankruptcy, complex litigation and more. We take an aggressive, tech-driven approach to secure substantial results for our clients while minimizing their costs.

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A Litigation Firm With A Broad Spectrum Of Hands-On Legal Experience

Reveille Law, P.C. is backed by a team of highly skilled trial attorneys with a proven track record in the courtroom. Our attorneys combine decades of experience in business law, real estate law, intellectual property and other forms of complex litigation. This litigation focus gives us a unique perspective in transactional matters as well, allowing us to take a proactive approach to mitigate any potential future conflicts.

Additionally, we focus a portion of our practice on consumer protection and bankruptcy. Our true passion is helping everyday people find peace of mind and justice when the odds seem stacked against them. With us on your side, you know you have a formidable ally and a steady hand.

Serving Clients In Sacramento And Throughout Northern California

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Big-Firm Experience With All The Benefits Of A Small Practice

Many issues involving complex business and real estate litigation require the meticulous and seasoned representation that’s typically only found at larger firms. Our attorneys come from big-firm backgrounds and have litigated high-stakes federal cases, constitutional cases and cases involving companies with billions of dollars in assets. Simply put, our attorneys have seen it all, and they apply that firsthand knowledge to help overcome whatever obstacles our clients are facing.

While we offer the level of experience and knowledge found at a large firm, however, we operate as a small law office. This allows us to be more agile and tactical in our practice. We utilize a robust network of resources and the latest software and legal technologies to minimize costs while ensuring that you still receive top-tier representation.